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I liked the art you used in this and it reminded me of the little toons in Red Dead Redemption. Also, what can be cuter than a snail with a mustache? Keep up the good work.

GnoblarAgency responds:

thanks a lot! The toons in Red Dead were a great inspiration when making this :) I'll definitely keep animating


The flash was humorous and the animation was well done. "You Sexy Thing" makes every flash a classic. I could've done without seeing the zombie fingering herself though. A little too far.


Well, the music wasn't as catchy as what I have come to expect from TheWeebl. I honestly didn't really enjoy it that much. On the bright side the animation was nice and cute and it had plenty of charm to it.

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Some problems.

~ The Good ~

The animation was cute looking and the music choices fit the game nicely. The gameplay was fun for the most part, but there were a few annoyances.

~ The Bad ~

The character jump was really off. It felt delayed and way too "floaty". Also, as long as you hit an enemy your health was drained continually without a short "invincibly" mode.

CyanSandwich responds:

hey it's cootie!
Anyway, thanks for the review. I know just about every flaw of this game by now though ;)


The game was well done and the graphics and sounds were good. I liked the pixelated effect in particular, but a big problem was that the problem was that the turret spun to slowly. I know that you can upgrade the speed, but still the default speed was FAR to slow.


This game was really interesting and eerie. The music was bizarre and the graphics as well as the gameplay were quite different. I like how the room looked so small from the outside, but once you entered the place seemed huge.

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Vanilla Ice Ice Baby...

I am not sure on how to feel about this. It wasn't bad, but it had some problems in my opinion. The song sounded repetitive and it had not much in the way of variation.

Bobox responds:

I know, the track has no firm structure and has it's flaws.
The thing is I played it from heart, no preparations here :) ...but I think it's kinda nice and I found out that it kinda fits as background music for "Alight's" title screen (a game on front page of Newgrounds, and believe it or not, I haven't even played the game before making this, I guess I was in the similar mood as the author :) Anyway, thanks for your review ;)


The vocals were very good, but in a few short moments your voice seemed a tad bit rough or strained. The lyrics were simple yet well written and the background music complemented the lyrics well.

Chzz responds:

I am considered re-recording it with my new microphone, to make a more clean vocal :)

For our lives to be over...

The song sounded very good and never got stale throughout. In some ways it reminded me of these two games I used to play called Donkey Kong Country 64 and the other was called Chicobo Racing. Slight nostolgia-gasm even though you weren't covering a song from their soundtracks.

Also balls.

OcularNebula responds:

love balls

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Pac-Man was well drawn, but the ghost needs more work done on him. Also, if you added some drool coming out of Pac-Man mouth and made him look more "hungry" for the ghost it would look better.

Trash-Man-1 responds:

This is actually an older drawing (from 2009), and the thing about this drawing was I only spent a really short time on it... Otherwise, as usual, I would go back and be sure everything looks proper.

I might be drawing a Marlboro soon, so maybe on that I'll do drool and stuff on that drawing.

Thanks for the honest critique.

You did a pretty good job getting the look of Daisy right. The drawing was well done, but it would look better if you added more shading and glare to the picture and more detail to the eyes and hair. The basic drawing is very well done, but more detail would improve it.

Trash-Man-1 responds:

I appreciate the honest critique. Funny thing is, I've been afraid to add glare, but I guess it would look better. Hair is annoying, but I guess I could be better about it. As for the eyes, if you mean the eye lines that show where the actual eyelid goes, Daisy and Peach don't have those, and normally I would draw that. I guess I'll have to find a compromise when doing the Nintendo princesses.

Either way, thanks for the comments.


Woah, Otto I never expected you to be such a good artist like this. This honestly looks great and it has a very nice "watercolor" look to it. If you would add some type of background it would be a 10/10.

Otto responds:

Cheers Cootie, and the watercoloury look would be because it's in watercolours. :)
It would probably be too difficult to add a background now, though, maybe a faint one...


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