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Vanilla Ice Ice Baby...

I am not sure on how to feel about this. It wasn't bad, but it had some problems in my opinion. The song sounded repetitive and it had not much in the way of variation.

Bobox responds:

I know, the track has no firm structure and has it's flaws.
The thing is I played it from heart, no preparations here :) ...but I think it's kinda nice and I found out that it kinda fits as background music for "Alight's" title screen (a game on front page of Newgrounds, and believe it or not, I haven't even played the game before making this, I guess I was in the similar mood as the author :) Anyway, thanks for your review ;)


The vocals were very good, but in a few short moments your voice seemed a tad bit rough or strained. The lyrics were simple yet well written and the background music complemented the lyrics well.

Chzz responds:

I am considered re-recording it with my new microphone, to make a more clean vocal :)

For our lives to be over...

The song sounded very good and never got stale throughout. In some ways it reminded me of these two games I used to play called Donkey Kong Country 64 and the other was called Chicobo Racing. Slight nostolgia-gasm even though you weren't covering a song from their soundtracks.

Also balls.

OcularNebula responds:

love balls

I was a terror...

The playing was good and the song sounded peaceful. On the opposite side of that peace was a song that sounded a tad bit boring at times. I don't know what the original sounded like so I can't score you on how the cover was.

Finalrush responds:

lol you can find the original all over youtube just type in Naruto blue bird.

And the DJ song was on...

The song sounded fine, but at times it was just a little generic and sounded like things I have heard before. Also, I don't see why this had to be a loop especially considering the fact that the loop didn't "loop" and flow very well at the end.

Still sounds good though.

SquattingDog88101 responds:

Yeah this song doesn't loop very good. I should change it. check out the cover I did. I loops perfectly. heres the link. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/425555

Wake up in the morning...

I can't give you any points for originality in this, but that is okay because the skill made up for it. You played the Star Spangled Banner on electric guitar and didn't make it sound like shit. Most people do. It was actually pleasant on the ears which is a change from 90% of guitarist out there.

Good work.

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks for the review Cootie. And as always, very much appreciated. Yes, well not a lot of 'covers' out there are original, it's true. Sometimes they're changed, but not always for the better. But glad you liked it. Thanks for the very kind words.

Cheers gamejunkie.

Tray by the tray all day

This is one of the few songs I could see having a band go on to gain a decent following.

The instruments were all very good, but the clean vocals are what stole the show. But, the downside is that the unclean vocals sounded a bit forced. I mean, I know they are forced but the unclean vocals sounded like it was wearing your voice out too much.

There's a stranger in my bed...

Nice dance track!

You used the same beat over and over, but you kept it fresh by adding more sounds to it and every 30 seconds or so going of in a different direction (while keeping the same flow) and bringing it back. It didn't get too repetitive, but it also didn't bounce all over the place. Nice.

I smell like a mini-bar...

Some real talent you guys have there. That is for sure, and the fact that this was done by people using instruments and not a computer made me want to bump up the score because we don't see much of that in the Audio Portal.

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks for the review Cootie, much appreciated. And we agree with you, anyone can make music on a machine, and there is far too much electronic stuff on NG and not enough real music. More coming in the next couple of months.

Cheers gamejunkie.

But, I'm pretty sure it rules...

I liked the way the song sounded and I like the way you changed things up some in the middle of the song and really gave it a different tempo and tone. On the con side the beginning part sounded REALLY generic. I know what feel you were going for, but there is a difference between having it sound like a "style" and copying something we have all heard before.

But, it was only for the first 20 seconds so it doesn't matter that much.

JakesFable responds:

Yeah the songs a bit older so it's one of my more easier makings but I still put some work into it. But thank you very much for your review!


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