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Some problems.

~ The Good ~

The animation was cute looking and the music choices fit the game nicely. The gameplay was fun for the most part, but there were a few annoyances.

~ The Bad ~

The character jump was really off. It felt delayed and way too "floaty". Also, as long as you hit an enemy your health was drained continually without a short "invincibly" mode.

CyanSandwich responds:

hey it's cootie!
Anyway, thanks for the review. I know just about every flaw of this game by now though ;)


The game was well done and the graphics and sounds were good. I liked the pixelated effect in particular, but a big problem was that the problem was that the turret spun to slowly. I know that you can upgrade the speed, but still the default speed was FAR to slow.


This game was really interesting and eerie. The music was bizarre and the graphics as well as the gameplay were quite different. I like how the room looked so small from the outside, but once you entered the place seemed huge.


This game has went on my favorites list and I hope you make more games like this or make a sequel. The graphics were cute and unique and the music was moving as well. The gameplay was nice and simple.

The only downside was that there was a slight lag on the jumps. Keep it up!


The animation was simple and cute, but the story was lacking and the voice work and recording were both poor. I would suggest that you buy another mic and it would make your voice sound much more clear.

Good game.

The animation in this game was pretty good for a stick figure game. The sniper felt right and moved very responsively. Overall the graphics and gameplay were very good.

The sounds could use work though. There was no voices for the charactors or background music. The only sound I heard was that of the sniper rifle firing over and over,


This game had very good animation, and it was one of the strongest parts of the flash. The audio was pretty well done, but the voice of Bill Gates was quite grating to the ears.

The worst part of the game was the actual gameplay. The fighting system just seemed clunky and the characters wouldn't move or attack with any amount of fluidity.

An old gem

This is a very good game especially considering when it was made. The graphics were well done and it had a creepy feeling.

The main thing that I did not enjoy is the fact that if you did not click the actual zombie the bullet would pass right through them.


The animation was not very good. You need to add more animation frames. There were no sounds to be heard of after the into song. Also, I walked around for a very long time and didn't find one single objective.


The gameplay was fun and pretty hilarious at time. The artwork was pretty fun as well. Even though it was made 5 years ago it is better than most modern flash games.


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