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I liked the art you used in this and it reminded me of the little toons in Red Dead Redemption. Also, what can be cuter than a snail with a mustache? Keep up the good work.

GnoblarAgency responds:

thanks a lot! The toons in Red Dead were a great inspiration when making this :) I'll definitely keep animating


The flash was humorous and the animation was well done. "You Sexy Thing" makes every flash a classic. I could've done without seeing the zombie fingering herself though. A little too far.


Well, the music wasn't as catchy as what I have come to expect from TheWeebl. I honestly didn't really enjoy it that much. On the bright side the animation was nice and cute and it had plenty of charm to it.


Well, the song was funny and catchy to the point where I had to listen to the song multiple times before I allowed myself to exit the page. The animation was also very well done.

Sweet lemonade. Oh, sweet lemonade!

Epic-ness. *drools*

This flash was quite frankly amazing. The text was very well done and it had plenty of variation. The amazing voice work was what really stole the show though. It also doesn't hurt to have hilarious source material.

One of the few flash that can actually make me laugh out loud.

Needs work.

The animation wasn't draw very well and the framerate was very low. It ended up making the flash look very poor. There was no sound to speak of and the story wasn't really about anything at all.

I would throw in some color and up the frame rate and add some sounds. The good thing about flash is the more that you do it the more that you will improve. You will get better in time.


The animation in the flash was spot on. The framerate was high and the movement were fluid. The voices were all very well done and the quartet sang very well in their few lines. Most of all the "punchline" was funny.



The animation in this flash was very good. Even though it was only stick figures it was still smooth and flashy. Many of the deaths looked amazing and I can tell that you really did put quite a bit of work into this one. The sound and music was top notch as well.



I must admit that the animation in this flash was just superb. But, there really wasn't that much too it. It was just the same central animation looped again and again.

But you have great talent as an animator and I hope you do make more flash (just with a bit more substance).


Well that ending was pretty unexpected and funny. Not much here that you guys can improve upon.


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